General Teaching Resources

Classroom Tools

The following resources will allow you to create flashcards, games, quizzes, etc. Additonally you can create classes to monitor your students progress.


If you would like to read about this three platforms, there is an article comparing the three of them. Click on: Comparing Classroom Response Systems: Kahoot, Pear Deck, and Quizizz

  • Socrative
  • Plickers (For formative assesment. You can create classes and see real time progress, etc.). Apps for GooglePlay & Apple.
  • QuizSocket (For quizzes. Web-based, no installation needed)
  • Quizalize (Free and paid subcriptions. With a paid subscription you can download test data).
  • Triventy (Free. You can add trivia facts).
  • Formative (you can create classes, get live results enbed in your blog, and free).

Jeopardy Like Tools

Fun Games

  • Cram (free with a premium subscription)
    • It has 2 fun games -Jewels of Wisdom & Stellar Speller-. You can also create great flashcards.
  • Match the Memory – This is a fun memory game builder.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Tools for building games, tests

With these resources you can create flashcards, word searches, quizzes, interactive maps, slide shows, challenges, etc & you can embed in your website.

  • StudyStack (matching, hangman, study cards, etc. You can search for something or you can make the cards yourself. Free with an option to upgrade)
  • Educaplay
  • ArmoredPenguin (to create puuzzles, worsearches, and other things).
  • Celebriti (En español. Para crear juegos y repositorio de juegos educativos).
  • PurposeGames
  • Jigsaw Planet (free). A cool website to create your own jigsaw puzzles and share them interactively.
  • Wisc-Online (free). You need to create an account. You can create lots of games such Tic-Tac_Toe, bingo, also flashcards, etc.
  • WorldLearner (Many tools to create games, wordsearches, etc. Soem of them you can embed in yor website. There is a free subscription option).
  • Quiz Game Master (free quiz game generator. Fun one. Many types of quizzes.)
  • ProProfs Brain Games (You can build word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. and enbed them into your webpage for free).

Chats, Presentations

  • Chatzy (Create a chat room and invite the people you want to chat with. You can also create a virtual room for free).
  • TodaysMeet. (Create a chatroom. You can download the transcript of that room).
  • Nearpod (for presentations with mobile devises).
  • Baiboard (Virtual white board for collaboration, presentations, etc.). There is an app for Mac & iPad.
  • RealTimeBoard (For work collaboration, etc.).
  • Movenote
  • Prezi
  • Thinglink.

ClipArt, Pictures

  • Banco de Imágenes de INTEF (Instituto Nacional de Technologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado).
  • Emojipedia (Lots of emojis you can use).

Writing: comics, flyers, collaborative

  • Bitstrips (To make your own comics – free).
  • Padlet
  • Lino (To create sticky notes and share them, etc. It is like a virtul canvas board)

Various Classroom Resources

Digital Portfolios

Cloud Based Learning Management Systems

You can sign for free. Both of these tools have an app.

ICT Resources for Teachers

  • eXe Learning (Free software to create educational content. It is easy to use & it comes in several languages).
  • ContentGenerator. (Software to create games, quizzes, etc. Some are free). Only for Windows.
  • Zunal (For webquests).
  • Vocki (According to there Facebook page, “Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character”).
  • Vocaroo (Voice recording tool. Uou can record your voice, share it, embed it, download it).
  • APowersoft: Free online screen recorder.

Make Interactive videos

You can shorten, create questions, etc. for students.

  • Edpuzzle (To modify videos: shorten them, etc. and make them interactive for students).
  • Zaption (Make videos interactive for students).
  • Playposit.

Digital Story Books

Create Animated Videos

  • Moovly.
  • Plotagon. (Free. Youneed to download the app for Mac/PC/iPad).
  • Scratch. (Also, to program and create games).
  • PowToon. (there is a free limeted option, otherwise you have to pay).

ARTICLE: How to Capture and Record an iPhone or iPad Screen Video?

Other Resources

It is a spinning wheel. You can create questions, spin the wheel and have your students answer randomly. You can embed this in your web.

TPRS & CI Methods

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